Software outsourcing and IT consultancy since 2018

We developer software on site and remotely for companies from all over Europe and beyond since 2018. Being located within the EU makes us very agile in this regard: your work hours are our work hours, your language is our language and we also pride ourselves with our work ethics.

We have the required expertise to go beyond simply programming. We can architect, advice and implement to the most modern standards. We pride ourselves in our past experiences, our software maturity, but we we always looking to the future. In this profession keep up is not good enough.


Out team programs fullstack, frontend or backend software with Java, PHP and Javascript. We use frameworks such as Spring Boot 2, Hibernate, Symfony 4, JUnit, Mockito, PHPUnit, jQuery, Bootstrap CSS, React JS and Angular JS.

The applications we code are cloud-able. We use Docker containers and deploy with pipelines to Heroku, Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services or another service of our your choosing.

Versioning is done with GIT and we plug in into JIRA and Slack.

Our stack is so versatile that we can easily adapt to your chosen stack without any time loss. From Hello to productive in a blink.

Non Disclosure Agreement

Because everybody, including your competitors, is doing it! All contracts are covered by a Non-Disclosure Agreement as standard and we don’t even disclose your company as our client if you so desire. We value your privacy and your business secrecy as much as we do our own. Your software is your business and we are here only to help you achieve your business goals as efficiently and quickly as possible and with the best quality.



Simple pricing

Everything is possible, it is only a matter of time and budget. Get in touch and let us discuss your requirements and the best and most efficient way to accomplish them.