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Nowadays everything is IT and the need for software developers great. However finding the right outsourcing partner is not an easy task.

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Our services

On-site IT consulting. Software on demand. Custom software solutions. Remote talents.


Listen, understand, analyse and plan - everything together with you.


Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate or PHP, Symfony, Laravel and also ReactJS and Angular.


Our code is tested and documented based on the newest "best practices" in our field.


based on engineering studies and years of experience

Design Patterns, SOLID Principles 100%
Java, Hibernate, PHP, Doctrine, REST, SOAP 100%
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, Angular 100%
API creation and consumption, API security 100%

Our testimonials

Bogdan was a great colleague very helpful with a good eye for details. He is a great web developer . We worked on a few projects together and he was a very big help , very good attention to details, analytic thinking and good trouble shooting skills.
Herr Magureanu haben wir als sehr engagierten und fachlich sehr kompetenten Software-Entwickler kennengelernt. Er hat uns tatkräftig bei unseren PHP Projekten unterstützt. Wir bedauern sehr das er nicht mehr für uns tätig ist.

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